Stay at home platypus

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It was late afternoon when I walked into Supercuts. All of the chairs were empty, so I sat right down to get my hair cut.

The stylist asked me if I had just gotten off of work. “Kinda,” I replied. “I’m a stay at home dad.” She looked a bit puzzled, as if she wasn’t sure how to proceed.

I’m not sure if what she said afterward was offensive or affirming. She went to her stylist playbook and started breaking out all of her stay at home mommy jokes. She went on about how difficult it is to get away. She asked me who was watching the little one. I replied that my wife had just gotten home from work. She laughed and made jokes about never getting to get out of the house.

She asked me if I used hair product. I replied” Yeah… sometimes.” She giggled and said “what’s the point of getting dressed up for a baby, right?!” I laughed, because she was right. Now that school is out most of the dirty laundry is Regi’s. Sometimes she comes home and both of us are still in pajamas.

I walked out of Supercuts not sure how to feel. But, I think it was nice to be treated like any other stay at home parent for a change, rather than some freak show performer. Usually I feel like a platypus in the zoo. You know, not some cool animal like a lion that everyone appreciates. No, stay at home dads are the equivalent of some venomous web-footed egg-laying oddity of nature to be gawked at and perplexed by its very existence.

At least I left the place smiling, and no bonbon jokes were made.


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